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Now a days Job Posting on Google Search Engine You Will get Huge Response Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results Results included in enriched search results: Your postings can be eligible to be displayed in the job search experience on Google, featuring your logo, reviews, ratings, and job details. More, motivated applicants: The new user experience enables job seekers to filter by various criteria like location or job title, meaning you’re more likely to attract applicants who are looking exactly for that job. Increased chances of discovery and conversion: Job seekers will have a new avenue to interact with your postings and click through to your site Method of Job Posting:
  • Ensure that Googlebot can crawl your job posting web pages (not protected by a robots.txt file or robots Meta tag).
  • Ensure that your host load settings allow for frequent crawls.
  • Make sure you follow our guidelines.
  • Add job posting structured data to your web page.
  • If you have several copies of the same job posting on your site hosted under different URLs, use canonical URLs on each copy of the page.
  • Test and preview your structured data.
  • Keep Google informed by doing one of the following actions:
Use the Indexing API to notify Google of a new URL to crawl or that content at a URL has been updated. If you're not using the Indexing API, submit a new sitemap to Google by sending a GET request to the following URL: Update your company logo Google uses the same logo for your job postings as the image shown in your company’s Knowledge Graph card. You can suggest a change if you prefer a different logo, or else indicate your preferred logo (for both your company’s Knowledge Graph card and its job postings) For More Information Click On Google Help   Research Reports Inc Latest Pune Fresher /Experience Job Opening Please Click Here