Global Business Intelligence Industries Analysis Trends and Forecast By 2023

Social Business Intelligence is referred to as a technology-driven process for analyzing the data and come up with actionable information to help with the decision making of the company. Obtaining and using data for analyzing from the social media, is known as Social Business Intelligence. Social Business Intelligence analyses the data acquired from social media and use big data analytics to obtain important business insights on the market. The increased levels of comfort within people to share their viewpoints and data on the social environment gives companies chance to study this data and interpret the market. Basically, Social Business Intelligence can be explained as providing executive decisions on the basis of social media. The objectives of Social Business intelligence is to make clear key performance indicators while performing analyzing overall performance. The time to insight in social business intelligence is lower due to the instantaneous nature of the Big Data and self-service tools. Structure of the conventional business intelligence was based on structured data in tabular, relational formats. The vast majority of data analyzed by social BI tools is unstructured. There is no end to the applications of the Social Business intelligence though major ones can be stated as marketing, product development, and placement. One of the most viable applications of social Business Intelligence associated with its penchant for segmenting customers and the various facets of products and services that influence them is its ability to presage and create trends among one’s customer base. Download PDF at . The alliance of predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and Machine Learning algorithms can align with analysis to determine future behavior and offer a fair amount of insight about it. The key players in this industry are: IBM Oracle SAP SAS Institute Adobe SystemsAttensity Group Beevolve Clarabridge Crimson Hexagon Evolve24 Google HP Kapow Software/ Kofax Lithium Technologies NetBase Solutions Radian6/Salesforce Sysomos Cision For More